ClubHack 2011


     As a ClubHack team member, I am proud to announce ClubHack 2011. I am working with ClubHack team since 1.5 successful years in this journey I met with some really good information security gurus and my colleagues as a continuation this year we got Mr. Richard Stiennon as a Keynote speaker. We have some more good items programmed in our schedule.

Another great partnership of ClubHack is with National Security Database, Jointly developed by the Government of India and ISAC, a non-profit scientific foundation, the National Security Database (NSD) was conceived after the horrific 2008 Mumbai attacks as a proactive action to Identify the most credible and valuable Information Security professionals in India who work to protect the National Critical Infrastructure and cyber space of the country.

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sayanora meet you all at Clubhack

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