Digital Forensics Hardware


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In this post we discuss about forensics hardware used for analysis of an evidence
(evidence = any information stored on a digital media).

Why do we need to use forensics hardware when we have too many software’s?

Hardware equipment assures data acquisition easy and trusted. Many of the software’s may alter data when we take an image whereas when we use write blockers and other writing to the disk is blocked.

Where this hardware is mostly used

These hardware devices you can definitely observe at any Law enforcement areas where Digital forensic analysis is done. Other than them these are used by Corporate, Individual Forensic consultant. If you are ready to pay for those, you can also get them 😉

How can we judge its integrity in the usage?


Can a normal user afford for to buy this hardware?

Well, this is absolutely depends on the user we can get some devices at cheaper price from eBay like online shopping sites

Who are the pioneers of forensics hardware?

As per my knowledge, the famous hardware leader is Logicube then tableau continues with others

You can get details from the below sites


List of Hardware

Hardware on which we concentrate

  • Write blockers: To restrict the writing on the disks while imaging / accessing
  • Drive wipers: Used to wipe the previous contents of the disk, usually some of the tools overwrite zeros and one to do this. Sterilized hard disks also usually under goes this process for safety
  • Drive accelerators: To accelerate the process of the imaging / analysis
  • Duplicators: Used to make a copy of disks

Below are the commonly we use so I don’t think need of any explanation

  • Storage media
  • Cables
  • Read / write blockers
  • Hardware accelerators
  • Adapters
  • Media Enclosures
  • Storage
  • Bridges from tableau
  • Supply kit and
  • Drive tray.

 For more details you can refer the below sites

 Mobile Forensics devices

            Mobile forensics is one another interesting and challenging part for  a digital investigator , most of the times we have to analyze the memory items using Hardware itself.

AFAIK the mostly used mobile hardware is

Cell brite
H3 mobile device tool kit

 Some of the resources for forensics hardware

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